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4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Wedding Photo Album

Here at John Saponara Photography, I produce modern, simple, and journalistic wedding photography that will fill up the entire wedding album with a warm collection of loving moments. I know all too well how your wedding photo album should be a stunning collection of memories for you and your loved one to cherish for the rest of your lives together. Wedding albums are very personal items for couples, designed to collect and display images of their perfect day while standing the test of time. With that in mind, below are some tips I’d like to offer to help you and your loved one create the perfect wedding photo album.

Use the Photographs that Matter the Most

Start by choosing around 30 photos that are you and your partner’s absolute favorites. After this, pick out the most atmospheric shots as these will capture the decor, the mood, and the dress-up from your big day. Following this, find one picture that sums up each significant moment of the wedding day. This could be cutting the cake, the first kiss, walking out of the church and so on. Finally, look for the best individual pictures of everyone at the event that you want to include in the album. Be sure to check for closed eyes or strange expressions. An ideal amount of pictures for a wedding album is anything between 100-150.

Portray a Story

Now that you’ve selected the best photographs to use, set them out chronologically in order of when they happened during the big day. Wedding albums not only help to remind people of who was at their wedding, but how it all happened.

The album should tell a story, with each spread holding two to six photos that all relate to each other. They should be arranged so that viewers eyes move right to left, top to bottom. Also, try to create pages that evoke emotion, such as the ring being slipped onto the bride’s finger, followed by a reaction shot of her proud parents.

Opt for a Clean Layout

Let the photos speak for themselves as you opt for a clean and minimal layout within your wedding photo album. For a dramatic impact, leave plenty of white space around the intimate pictures. Keep text down to a bare minimum and never overlap photographs. Also, keep photos aligned straight with even amounts of space between them. The fewer pictures that you have on each two-page spread, the better. This means that there are fewer distractions when you go back and view the album or share it with others.

Design a Unique, Emotional Cover

Design a cover that genuinely means something to you and your partner and makes you want to pick up the album time and time again. If you are choosing a cloth cover, choose a color and fabric that says something about you and your special day. If you decide to use a photograph, make sure it’s your absolute favorite. Try and use a horizontal image with the focal point towards the right; this means that you could wrap the cover with one beautiful picture.

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