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4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Photographer for a Destination Wedding

Here at John Saponara Photography, we’re proud to be one of the most reputable destination wedding photographers in Brooklyn. For couples that have decided to tie the knot in NYC or an exotic location overseas, our portfolio has encapsulated timeless wedding pictures all over the world. 

As a destination photographer, we’d also like to share some tips for you to consider before hiring a photographer for your wedding.

Double-check with the Wedding Venue

Certain venues will have a preferred vendor list that they use exclusively for weddings and other functions. These often include experienced professionals that the venue has worked with on many occasions. We recommend viewing the portfolios of all the photographers on a vendor list to see if any of their styles match your expectations. If your venue of choice doesn’t have a preferred vendor list, ask the management for their recommendations or contact our team to see if we can shoot at the venue.

Consider Additional Expenses

Destination weddings can include several costs that you may not have considered when planning your budget. Guests and vendors will incur travel expenses and hospitality costs. Some destination photographers will provide quotes with travel expenses included, whereas others will itemize all charges on their final balance bill. For couples that need to stick to a precise budget, make sure that you speak to your photographer about travel expenses and payment terms long before your wedding day.

Take Style into Consideration

Much like artists, every photographer brings their unique style to their work. Destination photographers may use several techniques to create their distinct brand of photography. A photographer’s aesthetic style can affect the flow of the whole wedding experience. Professionals that work with a traditional approach will encourage more posed shots. Those that opt for more of a “documentary” style of shooting will allow guests to spend more time in the moment. It’s down to personal preference, but make sure that you discuss with your photographer when you start to plan your wedding in more detail.

Experience is Essential

Experience is essential when hiring any wedding vendors, but especially when it comes to selecting a wedding destination photographer. You’ll find that plenty of photographers will jump at the chance to shoot in an exotic location, but you must check that they have experience in both a professional capacity and with capturing work in different climates. The last thing you need is a photographer whose equipment is unprepared for humidity, heat, or any other environmental factors that could impact the quality of their work.

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