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3 Tips for Handling Uninvited Wedding Guests on the Big Day

Here at John Saponara Photography, I’ve helped couples capture their wedding memories for eternity at hundreds of wedding celebrations over the years. My unique photojournalistic style has made each celebration a memorable experience. 

Throughout my career as a wedding photographer, I’ve seen couples faced with many situations for better, and for worse. That’s why I’ve decided to share some essential information on how to handle uninvited wedding guests for newly engaged couples, and those that are waiting to get married.

Pay Close Attention to RSVPs

Sometimes, wedding guests can be pretty crafty by adding the names of additional guests to their RSVP cards. Many people presume that you may be too busy wedding planning to notice these extra attendees. Read carefully through all RSVPs and if you can’t accommodate the additional guests, or don’t want them to come to your wedding, be sure to call the original guest and let them know well in advance.

If you feel embarrassed about calling, ask a family member to do it for you. Tell them to let the guest know that due to venue capacity and budget constraints, there is sadly no room for additional people at your wedding celebration.

Pre-Warn Your Venue and Wedding Planner

If you are aware that a few friends and relatives will bring extra guests that you can’t turn away, pre-warn your wedding planner and venue so that they are prepared for the new numbers. Inevitably, the more pre-planning that you can do, the less stress you will have to deal with on your big day.

Address All Wedding Invitations Clearly

When it comes to writing out your wedding invitation envelopes, make sure the exact names of guests are clearly labeled. Even if this entails extra legwork, try to write specific names rather than plus guest, or plus one. This way, you can try to guarantee that you have personally invited everybody that turns up on the day.

If you are concerned about specific people turning up uninvited, try and express this concern to those who may invite them to avoid embarrassment and potentially stressful situations.

For expert photography that will capture the emotions, atmosphere, and special moments present on your big day, please don’t hesitate to contact us!